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Supplement Quality

Provide Your Family with the Highest Quality Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional Supplements

Why does it matter?

Why should I provide my family with the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements? To do so may cost more money and may not be as convenient as just running over to my local retail drug store or discount store to by the cheaper brands.

All Supplements Are Not Created Equal.

The Food & Drug Administration does not regulate natural medicines and nutritional supplements as they do pharmaceutical medications. The unregulated status of natural medicines and nutritional supplements enables varying standards of quality and purity to be available through common retail outlets and health food stores. This can allow for contamination with toxic impurities and erratic dosages. Read: Dangers of Cheap Supplements.

Featured Brands at

The brands we feature at maintain consistent and high standards of quality and purity. Our featured brands were developed to serve the professional health care industry. Specifically because of their high standards of quality and purity of dosing, physicians, pharmacists, licensed nutritionists, and other licensed health care providers sell our featured brands in their offices.

What do these featured brands have in common?

Barlean’s Organic Oils
Integrative Therapeutics (ITI)
Nordic Naturals
Thorne Research
Vis Naturae
Vital Nutrients

They have developed strict manufacturing guidelines that not only meet but also exceed the “standard operating procedures” set forth by the FDA, the strict ISO 9001:2000 conditions (an international quality standard), and the U.S. Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines (GMPs). One of our featured companies, Thorne Research, is the only US-based dietary supplement company to achieve world wide pharmaceutical certification via Australian therapeutic Goods Administration.

Meeting and exceeding, the highest industry standards for quality and safety

Every natural medicine and nutritional supplement at contains pharmaceutical-grade ingredients meeting, and often exceeding, the highest industry standards for quality and safety. Our featured, brands producing these quality natural medicines and nutritional supplements test and certify their products and are able to provide laboratory analyses demonstrating labeled potency and purity upon request. If a company cannot comply, or certify, the quality of their products, we do not carry them. Read through our featured brands page for more information.

Allergen Free / Social and Environmental Responsibility

We also try to work exclusively with organic and hypoallergenic ingredients and socially and environmentally responsible companies. We do not use multi-level marketing companies and we do not have any financial interests or ownership in any of the companies whose products we carry.

At, our products assure:

Proper Dosing,
Pure Ingredients,
Quality Assurance, and

Why does it matter?

Because inexpensive products may come at a very high cost…